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My place

I just checked out the Georgia Basin Explorer again, as pointed out by Chris Corrigan (no permalinks, so I can only point to his front page). It uses Flash, and seems to work intermittently in my Safari browser on OS X. Basically, you can zoom in on satellite images of a region, then place icons that link to stories about the place that you are pointing to. I just posted a short blurb about my parents’ house there.

It has limitations, like you can’t bookmark / send a URL to a particular place. Which is kind of a big limitation. The thought popped into mind that Terraserver was one of those map places. I clicked around for a bit, and came up with this picture of Bowen.

What you see is Snug Cove (where the ferry docks), with the marina clearly visible. The next bay to the north is called Deep Bay locally, although I believe it is officially Mannion Bay on charts. You can see the deep green of the Lagoon, which is separated from the bay by a causeway. If you go slightly inland from the main curve of Deep Bay, that’s where my parents’ house is.