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Coffee with Honey, and Snow

  • Created: April 23, 2003
  • Ottawa

I drank my coffee with honey this morning. Weird tasting. That is, honey and sugar, although both being “sweeteners”, definitely taste different. Also, a teaspoon of honey seems to be much sweeter than the equivalent amount of sugar.

(yes, we ran out of sugar)

Also, our apartment is cold, and it started snowing again in Ottawa last night (that weather doo-hickey in the upper right hand corner is correct - below zero once again). On Sunday, Kate and I walked around everywhere and had to carry our jackets because it was over 20 degrees! When we got home, we spent the rest of the day in shorts.

I just went to put on thicker socks, and debate putting on a sweater instead of just this hoody. Yes, the rads are off for the season, and Mark and were just discussing yesterday our plans to buy air conditioners for this summer…