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Home, Sikander, and Where's Willy

  • Created: April 18, 2003
  • BMC got added to the Interesting Blogs feed. They use Bloxsom to write their blog, and created a hack that allows readers to annotate postings (or rather, individual words) with links. Cool.

Next, I was surfing the referrer listings and saw something that came in through my GeoURL link. It’s a personal blog here in Ottawa called Ugh. Redirect to Rogers member webspace. Web hosting is cheap! $15 per month, 500MB, all the goodies. Contact me if you want.

That, in turn, had a link to Where’s Willy, a site dedicated to tracking where Canadian $5 bills go.

OK. Back to work. Need to burn some CDs and pack stuff for the trip back to Ottawa tomorrow.

Crazy! My mom just called. She and my Dad walked my niece and nephew, Kati and Sebastian, to the ferry. Only it’s going to be running a little late. The Queen of Surrey (the boat that goes to Langdale, on the Sunshine Coast, which is where Kate lived after she moved down from Smithers) had a fire. The Bowen ferry, the Queen of Capilano, stopped to take on passengers, then carried on to Bowen and unloaded Bowen passengers. Then, no passengers were allowed on, but instead it went over to Langdale.

Now, the water taxi is coming to take passengers from Bowen to Horseshoe Bay. Craziness. Welcome to the new and improved BC Ferries, recently privatized by the BC government – they have no spare ferries.