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Critical Section: I am an Iterator

  • Created: March 16, 2003
  • BMC

I’m going to try and start blogging interesting items completely from within Drupal. You can do the same if you’re logged in and check the feeds section. The little notepad item indicates that you can click on it and create a blog entry. If anyone has suggestions for feeds that they would like to see, contact me (or just add comments to this item).

You should already be seeing an example of this with the SmithDM3 feed on the front page. Hmmm…perhaps it’s not fair that Dave gets his own, featured feed. More iterating to do…

Like Critical Section, I think I’m an “iterator”, too.

I am an Iterator

When I make something, I don’t just make it and go on. I make it, then I remake it, then I remake it again, and iteratively improve it until I’m happy. Later I might come back to it and iterate again. I annoy myself sometimes, I am so unwilling or unable to leave something as it is…