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Tux Adventure and Ribs

  • Created: March 10, 2003
  • Ottawa

Saturday, way before the whole Bingo incident, we spent the afternoon getting fitted for tuxes. That’s Troy at Tip Top (they are an outlet for Syd Silver Formalwear). He’s getting married this October, in Fredericton, and I’m the best man. This whole experience is quite new to me. It actually took a while to get everyone measured and all the paperwork filled out. Now all I have to do is pick up the tuxes in Fredericton. For dinner, we went to Rob, Anna, and Adam’s house and had ribs that had been slow-cooking all day, courtesy of Adam and Rob. Delicious! Then, of course, the bingo interlude, and back to their house to watch Rules of Attraction, an incredibly messed-up film that is interestingly shot, with lots of strange camera angles.