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  • Created: March 08, 2003
  • Ottawa

I played bingo tonight for the first time ever. I had some vague concept of what bingo was about, but I was pretty much completely unprepared for the reality.

We went to a place called the Side Door, on Wellington. Since you can’t smoke in Ottawa anymore, and you can’t drink while you gamble, it was a bit like sitting in a high school cafeteria while a person called out numbers.

The thing is, it actually got pretty stressful. Your adrenaline is going, because you could be the next one to get a bingo…which, tonight, could have been $1000, $2000, or $3000. No, we didn’t win any of these, and actually, only the $1000 was given away. But, Kate won $120 on her very first game. I think that was the part that kept us there for the whole thing.

Rob and I might try “Bingo and Breakfast” at some point. 10:15am, and who knows? They might be the next El Morocco…