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New cellphone

We finally got our new (business) cellphones yesterday. We all have Nokia 3590s. So far, all the ring tones are intensely annoying. Apparently one can send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) -- a.k.a. messages with pictures and/or sound attached. So, have to find some non-annoying ringtones and figure out how to mail them to the phone. Voice-dialing is kind of cool -- you just hit a button and speak a name that you've previously associated with a number, and it will dial. Since I have a cold right now, it will be interesting to see if these "voice tags" still work when my cold is gone. I accidentally started the browser (the phone uses GPRS) -- it is brutally slow, I can't see how anyone uses the Internet on their phones... The phone has Java support, too. I'm going to look into that, see if I can get some of my own apps on there. My business partners and I have long talked about running an app on our PDAs or cell phones that would let us track our activities. Here's the online version of the 3590 user guide. The dead tree version is hard to find stuff in. Cool -- the Brits are selling games for phones. Hmmm...looking for some free ringtones. Still don't quite know how to get them into the phone. These guys are Canadian and say they'll give me one free tone. Enough for now -- off for breakfast at the El Morocco.