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The Ultimate MMORPG

  • Created: February 17, 2003
  • Game

I was just thinking of what would make the best MMORPG, and came to a conclusion - the most popular MMORPG of all time will be real life. Not our daily reality, but a computer game of Earth. Not Middle Earth, just Earth. People could interact, have skills, and do all sorts of things. But ultimately, it would be exactly modeled after real life, and people could get to be someone else. They would go to work, surf the Internet all day, perform brain surgery without all the details, and it would potentially be a valuable medium for showing people the horrors of real life - car crashes, cancer, AIDS, and others. By being someone else, you have the chance of seeing life through their eyes and instead of being healthy you might stand the chance of getting an incurable ailment and seeing the impact of it.

Any thoughts on what would be your ultimate idea of an MMORPG?