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iPhoto and Gallery integration

As I’ve said elsewhere, Gallery is still the best web-based photo gallery app.

Now I’d like to shortcut my two-step process of using iPhoto plus Gallery Remote (make sure you add the beta stuff if you want everything working nicely).

Ideally, the LazyWeb will conjure up someone who knows the inner workings of iPhoto and can make a plug-in that adds a “Gallery” tab to the Export function. Select photos, choose whether to resize locally, connect to your Gallery and select/create an album, press export – voila!

The new(est) versions of Gallery allow for WinXP users to install a DLL/registry hack that adds their Gallery as an option for the “publish to web” button that appears in folders filled with images, so I know it’s doable. The Missing Sync even adds an Export tab to get iPhoto pics into my Sony Clie!

Update Aug. 28, 2003: An iPhotoToGallery exporter now exists.