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Nokia intros Phone/Game/Music device.

  • Created: February 05, 2003
  • Game

Hitting the news as we breath, Nokia has entered into the handheld gaming market with the n-Gage:

n-Gage Homepage

It is a tri-band phone, networked game player capable of 3D rendering, and a music device. You can send screen shots by MMS. It is about the size of a thicker GBA itself, digging up memories of the utter mess that was the Motorola V-Box, the text messager/phone device that did neither well, nor elegantly. Holding a GBA to your ear will look and feel very awkward.

But as far as Nokia’s screen shots are concerned, we will all soon be leaping and diving around underground parking lots, ducking and grunting, screaming and using the popular triumphant slogans of our generations.