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New theme

I imagine that most of you see the default theme for this site -- the "notables" one that I created.

I try and wander through the forums and bug reports at (the code that runs this site) every so often, because I'm still excited about where it's headed.

I've given lots of feedback about removing hard-coded tables and just using CSS for presentation, instead of a complicated "theme-ing" system. Recently, somebody went to a lot of work and put together a tableless theme that uses CSS for presentation, all nicely documented. You can grab it from the Drupal downloads page if you run your own Drupal-powered site.

Yes -- I complained about the downloads page, but (frighteningly enough) it's still better than what was there before.

Update: I'm mucking with the themes as we speak, so changing your theme could be hazardous to your health... If you want to try out the tableless theme (Evan -- it's got lots of ::'s, so you'll like it...), you can click on edit account and choose it from the drop down menu.