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PHP Collab

Fantastic web-based project management tool (a tip of the fur-lined toque to Evan for pointing me in this direction).

I cannot stress enough how good this application is. Don’t be put off by the bad webpage that it is hosted at (it basically just uses phpBB forum software for the entire site) – if you are looking for a web-based project management tool, this is it.

It’s a PHP application that runs on Apache or IIS plus a database – currently your choice of MySQL, PostgresSQL, or MS SQL Server. It is designed for a single company to manage multiple projects and clients, even including the ability to assign tasks to clients.

Email notifications keep everyone up to date, project managers will drool over automatic generation of Gantt charts, and innovative features like exporting projects to CSV files, exporting contacts to vCard, and calendar items as vCal – the feature list keeps going and going.

And – it even looks nice. You’ve got a “home” page where sections such as “My Projects”, “My Tasks”, etc. gather all the information specific to you in one place. A bookmarks section allows you to share URLs, or mark them as private and only share them with a select view.

For programming applications, it integrates with the Mantis bug-tracking tool.