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BMC goes table-less!

  • Created: December 19, 2002
  • BMC

I have been doing lots of work lately on table-less layouts, and finally found a little time to come back and finish implementing it here. The default theme (if you haven’t selected one in your (user account) is now one of my own making, as opposed to a slightly adapted one that I got elsewhere.

This theme is called “notable” – get it, get it?!?

Hopefully it isn’t horribly broken in strange and unnamed browsers. I started off with some CSS from that is supposed to contain all the “cross browser hacks”, but I ended up taking them out.

So far, looks nice in IE6/Win32 and Chimera/OSX. Since most of the visitors here won’t deviate too widely from those two, it should be OK. Except if there are still some pesky IE5/Win32 users out there…

And, if you are submitting/commenting, the extra stuff on the left overlaps with the right column. Haven’t found what knobs to tweak to affect those sections yet.

If you’re interested in CSS and table-less layouts, check out the Web Tools section in links.