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No More Woes

I was quite frustrated with the server box that I have.

First, installing an 80GB drive to hold our MP3s was a trial:

  • Fiddle with jumpers on hard drives
  • Motherboard BIOS doesn't recognize 80GB
  • Figure out MB brand and current BIOS version
  • Download flash updater and new BIOS
  • Find floppy drive to install with
  • Find OS to make bootable floppy (that link was a lifesaver)
  • Flash BIOS
  • Drive recognized!
After that, and finally settling back on e-smith as my Linux distro of choice (it seems like I mention it almost every really is that good), it was just a matter of loading files.

I’m using NetJuke to manage the MP3s. Basically, all files are on disc, but the data is stored in a database. Tools included for scanning various file directories. If you want access, email me and I’ll send you a password.

The only bad thing is that the fan on the server currently sounds like a jet turbine, which may be a problem seeing as how this will be Kate and mine’s temporary bedroom while her mom visits.