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Configuration, configuration, configuration

Wow – Drupal is powerful. So many buttons to tweak. I’m only now beginning to appreciate the power….and be wary of it!

First off, let’s talk about taxonomy. Big word. Going to add it to the glossary later so that I know what it means. Basically, you can set up various levels of what other portal-type systems call categories or topics. The great thing is, you can make it apply to different types of nodes (the base content, whether a blog, a weblink, or even a poll, are all nodes) AND every defined category/topic can generate a separate RSS feed.

Next, there is a little thing called “content filter” – don’t enable HTML tags! It screws lots of other things up.

Other interesting things that got added are a glossary module, which puts either a little superscript link or icon next to defined words (plus a cool cursor-turns-to-question mark and tool-tip which gives you the definition) and the weblinks module.

What else? Moderation – turn this off, it’s annoying unless you are running a khur05hin (sp?) clone. Authentication – Jabber and Drupal come bundled out-of-the-box, you can add Blogger, Yahoo, Manila, and Delphi. Cool! What about hooks for “intranet”? LDAP?

I’m sure there will be lots more things. I’m working on a no-tables, CSS-only theme – should be interesting to see how that breaks everything, especially since I haven’t looked at what the “block” format is like.