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Dream CMS

After what seems like playing with every Content Management System known to personkind, my hopes are shattered.

This site is now using Drupal. Not bad, lots of features, relatively easy to set up, relatively easy to administer (there are cryptic sections), etc. etc.

But what I want is a different front end. “Blocks” are a necessary evil to do some layout – chunks of content or code that can be positioned in different areas.

But wouldn’t it be great if the layout/presentation could be entirely handled via CSS? It’s not that hard! Just have all the different sections of a page use either a class or a unique id (there is probably only one “header” section, same for “footer”) assigned to it’s own div. Couple this with a template system that consists of exactly two files – one that is just CSS, and one that is a bare-bones PHP file that lists the API calls to display the different sections (so you can change the ordering or put wrappers around them, or override them all together).

OK. You have your task. Report back to me when done.