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Webmention is a W3C Recommendation, and is an IndieWebIndieWeb
The IndieWeb wiki is the main hub for information.

The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards, based on the principles of owning your domain, using it as your primary identity, to publish on your own site (optionally syndicate elsewhere), and own your data. more »

IndieWeb standards include:

[[Webmention]] to notify other websites
[[WebSub]] to get real time updates on other sites’ new content
[[Micropub]] to publish to your site with an ease...

Webmention is a simple way to notify any URL when you mention it on your site. From the receiver’s perspective, it’s a way to request notifications when other sites mention it.

I wrote about Run your own WebMentionsRun your own WebMentions
I’m continuing down the road of adding Deploy to Heroku support to various apps, and using my site as a test case for [[IndieWeb]] stuff. I went down the rabbit hole today because infominer was looking at the Jekyll IndieWeb template, and I found @voxpelli’s WebMention’s server at voxpelli/webpage-webmentions.
I forked it bmann/webpage-webmentions and got Deploy to Heroku working by just adding an app.json.

This post is going to be for testing receiving webmentions. More writing / documentat...