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Communities experimenting with culture and commoning.

The community slack is called “An Accidental Megastructure”, referencing a book, The StackThe Stack

A comprehensive political and design theory of planetary-scale computation proposing that The Stack—an accidental megastructure—is both a technological apparatus and a model for a new geopolitical architecture.

Author [[Benjamin Bratton]], [[MIT Press]]
What has planetary-scale computation done to our geopolitical realities? It takes different forms at different scales—from energy and mineral sourcing and subterranean cloud ...

In VancouverVancouver
The city where I live. I’m in East Van[[ East Van cross by @pixeldan::lmn]].
[[AllTheBestRecipes]] is where I document food and other local stuff.
Check the linked references below.
, Orbital Lounge Vancouver, which Rachael Craig is a part of.