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On Instagram, off Facebook

  • Created: March 14, 2020

The Own Your Gram tool that helped cross post from Instagram to your own site stopped working with recent Instagram changes, which made me not want to have stuff “stuck” in Instagram. I have decided to keep posting on Instagram, but only after I’ve already posted photos to All The Best Recipes — my food / travel forum. I also cross-post to Facebook from Instagram.

I’m not really “on” Facebook any more. I’ll login every couple of days to look for comments, but I don’t have any of the apps installed. At most, I’ll use it when I want to share a message to people that I know that are mainly on here.

You can follow my blog via RSS, or sign up to the All the Best Recipes forum and get email updates, or follow the @ATBRecipes Twitter account. And post your own stuff if you like!

I can recommend the service if you want a fun tool for posting Twitter length short posts and images, as well as long posts. The team makes it easy to export if you want to move elsewhere. I host my own blog but pay $2/month to help with cross-posting to Twitter and other services.

Other than replies or re-sharing content from my company account, I post to Twitter by creating a short post on my blog, so all my content is here under my control. Twitter is more directly part of the web, so it’s a service I’m more comfortable using. Especially using Tweetbot, an iOS app that shows me posts in chronological order (no algorithm!), and has extensive mute and filter features so I can avoid seeing a lot of content.

I think of all of this as being intentional about the tools you use, and the “information diet” you take part in.