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FiresideConf brings the spirit of BarCamp to the woods of Ontario

  • Created: June 14, 2017

Want to carry on the spirit of FiresideConf? Here are a bunch of ways you can take action RIGHT NOW:

You can pledge equity of your startup to a charity of your choice when you have an exit? Go sign up for the Upside Foundation. In Vancouver, let’s get together to talk Upside during Startup Week.

Stop Gap is happy to accept your charitable donations here. What they could use even more is some business coaching, marketing support, and general brainstorming on how to use innovation to be financially sustainable beyond one off donations. Maybe get them on Patreon? Please contact me if you’d like to get involved.

Love Jonathan Mann’s Song A Day? Send him some Ether for a great music + blockchain project he’s looking to get started: 0x3d9456ad6463a77bd77123cb4836e463030bfab4

You can read about the Early Stage Venture camp that I helped facilitate over on the NACO blog (which I’ll update with direct a link here later when it’s posted).

Thanks Fireside 2017. Go dig into what other people are feeling and thinking after their experience #firesideconf »