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Northern Voice 2009

Tomorrow is Northern Voice 2009. This is the first year where I was not an organizer. I've been feeling highly ... conflicted about it this year, for no particular good reason. I guess it's a combination of missing the organizing / the people, and feeling guilty about not helping more. And maybe just that I've had a host of changes in the past year and they're still catching up with me.

I'll still be using my "megaphone" voice to help run the morning MooseCamp wrangling. We have much fewer open slots than in years past, but I'll suggest meeting in the open table area and other ad hoc corners to fill people's wants for that.

The dinner party tonight at Federico's Supper Club was amazing. It was a whirlwind of briefly catching up with folks, talking Semantic Web / RDf with skud from Freebase, and a whirlwind of dancing and singing. There are many pictures already.

It feels right and good and enjoyable to be among these fine folks.

I hope to see and talk to many more people over the next couple of days. I will enjoy catching up, brain storming the future, and just learning more about people.

I've set up a Friendfeed room for Northern Voice 2009. If you join it, you'll be able to use the Share on Friendfeed bookmarklet to easily send links images, etc. directly to the room. Or, you can just set it to realtime mode and watch the content unfold.

As before every Northern Voice, I'm up late and need to get up early and I've already talked too much. Off to sleep, see you all tomorrow.

P.S. Since so many people like the "epic" version of my hair, I will repeat it over the next couple of days.