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2008 events are go for launch

Having just come back from the Founders and Funders Dinner in Toronto, it's time to get ready for the big Launch Party Vancouver 3 event this Friday. Maura and crew have pulled this together in record time, and it looks like Sun is going to be doing a big kickoff. What with the purchase of MySQL and supporting local tech communities like this, I'm getting more and more interested in looking closely at Sun.

Then, in 2 weeks time, we're doing DemoCamp Vancouver 05. I'll get the Facebook event sent out today, so watch for that. We need both battledeck submissions and people to demo...fill out the wiki or get in touch.

Then it's Web Directions North next week, which I'll be speaking at.

Whew! 2008 events are off with a bang. Here's some other stuff I'm tracking -- in no way complete or comprehensive.

I'll likely come back and update that event list in a bit...