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Drupal in Python

A little birdie let me know that there are a group of folks that are going to take a run at using the Drupal project as a template to re-work the same system in Python.

Do you have thoughts on what you would do differently in Python? Are there specific language features that would do interesting things? Any ideas on Drupal in Python (DIP?), please leave a reference in the comments.

In kicking around this idea the other day, I was thinking about if there is a way to bridge to PHP from Python. That is, could you clone the Drupal APIs and then run a PHP-based (native) Drupal module in a Python framework?

Note: the group is actually private, and doesn't want any publicity at this point. I'm hoping to use this blog post to draw some attention to different concepts, without flooding them with people.

Update: this is a beginner project, so think of this more as exploratory coding than a hard core undertaking. *However* -- I think this will kick off some interesting discussion: I encourage people to do some research and tag stuff with "Drupal in Python" to keep the discussion going.