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More Digital Ethnography: Information R/Evolution Video

I don't think I ever posted the "Web 2.0" video created by Michael Wesch, a professor at Kansas State University doing "Digital Ethnography". I was really, well, I'd have to say *moved* by the original video. Much like Lee and Sachi's Common Craft videos in plain English, Michael seems to have taken many things that I've long thought instinctively and explained them a little more fully. Still way more geeky than CC's stuff, but I think understandable and interesting to watch.

In any case, here is the follow up video, Information R/Evolution. It walks us through how we are still exploring how to break free from the concepts of physical organization. The summary seems to be that we participants on the web are helping to build this R/Evolution, and it's based around links and tags, and allow us to put "stuff" at multiple "locations". Take the time to watch the video (and the previous one if you haven't), and tell me what you think.