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Great memories from Barcelona September 2007

I'm winding down on my last evening here in Barcelona. Folks in Vancouver are starting to wake up, and I'm looking forward to heading home. Here are some of the things I enjoyed while in Barcelona:

  • Cooking with the NowPublic crew; I always enjoy cooking, and it was an absolute pleasure to shop for ultra fresh ingredients at Mercat de la Boqueteria and then cook, eat, and drink for something like 12 hours until everyone was groaning -- mussels, prawns, baby octopus, lamb chops, squid, wild mushrooms, blood sausage, cheeses, whitefish, and so on...
  • on Saturday night, we went out until everything closed, then found an all night underground club that was covered in cardboard on the walls, where everyone was painting
  • a meal at Euskal Etxea, where we had 9 dishes + flights of wine + complimentary Catalan liquers + 3 desserts and a smokin' hot server that also gave great service
  • last night, hanging out at the pier watching the moon over the waves, sharing a bottle of french champagne and discussing how to change the world with good friends
  • the many people, thoughts, discussions, and ideas that continue to bubble in my head from attending DrupalCon Barcelona

Pictures will make their way online when I get back. Thanks to "REBECA", we have wifi, but we don't want to stress it with GBs of uploads unnecessarily. See you in Vancouver soon...