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I am heading to Barcelona for Drupalcon

So, I'm madly rushing around the house throwing stuff together, doing laundry, etc. (Later: I'm plugged in at the airport, waiting to board).

Dave set up some travel tips for me, and I asked 43 Places what the best beaches in Barcelona are.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll have time to make the flight to Malta to visit Darren and Julie. I didn't realize there was a direct flight from Barcelona to Malta. I've still got my fingers crossed that I can shuffle my flight back, so we'll see about this...

Oh, right, why am I going? We've got some client work to meet up around, and that's followed by DrupalCon Barcelona 2007. This looks to be the largest Drupal event ever, with almost 400 people attending.

Anyone have other tips? Leave a comment! I'm going to try and produce a fair amount of social media, so follow the Flickr stream. See you in 10 days!