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Apple Rumours Sept 2007: touchscreen iPod, AppleTV revs

Everyone loves a good Apple rumours post, and since tomorrow is a "special Apple event", we've got only hours to wait until we know the real answer...hence the perfect time to predict.

What I'd *like* to see is my own long-predicted Mac Tablet. But really, with the iPhone, isn't that product already here? So....what I would like to see is an iPhone without the "phone" part -- a touch screen iPod with Wifi that runs OS X. It really is an iPhone, just without the cellular connection (or contract). But with WiFi, that could mean GoogleTalk / Skype / whatever for voice communications (with my bet on GoogleTalk). Yes, sort of like Nokia's N800.

OK, so back from dream land to something that's more likely. The iPod Nano becomes the "classic" iPod for audio, and a new touchscreen, wide aspect iPod is the "Video iPod". No WiFi, that'll come in later revs.

AppleTV revs? Well, it fits in the general video category, and there's been noise around TV downloads recently. Aside: so NBC is high as a kite. Regardless, I just want the licensing figured out so I can buy stuff in Canada! Actual details? No idea...probably just software, maybe some gaming support.

What are your predictions? Any purchasing plans? What are you waiting for?

Update: so, we now have an iPod Touch. Sweet. And it comes with Wifi already. Yep, the tablet is here...