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Boris likes to...

A meme! Thanks, Travis and Monique.

(and yes, a vaguely non-tech entry -- everything is being merged back here somewhat, so you're going to get a bit of a different mix...)

Without further ado, here are the top 10 results when typing "boris likes to" into Google:

  1. Boris likes to sit in different positions on the chair while playing (a chess player)
  2. Boris likes to get things done and thrives on a faster-pace of life (a real estate agent)
  3. Boris likes to reminisce about the time that he and Ivan got Hedeon so drunk (tips on fleshing out your RPG character)
  4. there's enough violence with the way Boris likes to play horsey with the baby (remind me to tell the story of the German "Hoppe hoppe, Reiter" lullabye one of these days...)
  5. Boris likes to look at sick pictures and is a disturbed person (Yeltsin, I think)
  6. As Boris likes to say about his own work, “Thanks be to God for all He has given me!” (a Ukrainian Boris)
  7. Boris likes to think of WRRV’s contests, and music news as benchmarks (Boris as a last name of a DJ in New York)
  8. Perhaps Wordpress is the Mac of Blog Systems (or personal publishing systems as Boris likes to call Blog Systems) but I doubt it (yep, that's me on Roland's blog)
  9. Boris likes to say "Message is in details." (a medical massage practitioner in California)
  10. Boris likes to draw its material just as much from other sources such as psychedelic rock, punk, noise, minimal- and drone music (the band)

Oh, and the first image result in Google:

Some sort of dogsledding, there. Yahoo has a fun Flickr, result:

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"Boris likes to spoon" -- the rest of the Yahoo image results are various Boris cats and dogs, mainly.