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OSCMS Summit at Yahoo! Rolling - Call for participation


OSCMS Summit is something that I helped pull together in short order last year. We had great attendance (about 300 people over 3 days, with about 150 people per day) and lots of local Vancouverites mixing in.

This year, Vancouver has the Vancouver PHP Conference which is going on right now, and the OSCMS Summit 2007 is happening down at Yahoo's Sunnyvale campus. Yep, Yahoo: we joked about this a while back, and then some of the folks we know inside Yahoo said -- sure, we'd love to help out with this. Moral of the story: ask and ye shall receive. I have to say, Yahoo should be applauded for this: they've really been reaching out to developers lately, with great events like Hack Day showing off some of the great work they've got going on.

Once again, the OSCMS Summit will be a kind of "container" event for other projects to gather around. This does mean the Drupal hordes will be descending...but, if all I wanted to do was a Drupalcon, that's what I would push for. I'm still really passionate about having various open source projects come together and discuss solutions and approaches to web content: we're all facing the same challenges and the nature of open source means it's that much easier for us to learn from one another. 

There are already a selection of projects attending the summit, with a wide range of topics. We're soliciting sessions until the end of this week. Add your project, add your sessions suggestion.

And of course, please do go ahead and register if you plan to ahead: we're rapidly approaching our original cap of 250 attendees, so may have to go back and ask for more space, as it definitely seems there is enough interest.

March 22nd and 23rd, Yahoo campus in Sunnyvale: see you there!