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Notes from BarCamp Vancouver

  • every event should make a list of "fun URLs" that get thought up at events -- and then registered, like
  • there were are as many great presentations that I couldn't make it to as I did attend
  • we need to find a kit to stress-test wireless networks ahead of time...or revert to wired connections
  • I got to talk to many great people...and also missed spending time with others (too many to mention...but Zug is definitely in my thoughts)
  • Google needs to point out who the heck is going to talk about identity issues (from technical interop to privacy); also, say things in public about your logging policy
  • every time I talk about microformats I passionately argue the opposite case; they are a great solution for putting mixed, structured content into one big text blob (i.e. a blog post with an event, a location, some people, and a resume); they are not a great solution for passing structured data between systems and/or for presenting a pure feed of one type of data (events, people, etc.)
  • OpenID does simple sign on great today -- go ahead and implement it; SXIP is a better solution, since it also covers profiles and personas. Dick and company: get us a stable implementation and put all your code in one place and we will implement the h*ck out of it; while you're at it, unite the tribes, extend OpenID to v3 or whatever the hell we have to wait for until it has profile/persona support too, and make sure we have an upgrade path and/or compatibility with SAML. Thanks. 
  • The Vancouver tech community is awesome. So awesome that we get fun friends from the US coming up to visit us. We should get together more often, but perhaps with a little less intensity, 'cause I'm exhausted.
  • We need to do a Foo(d) Camp 
  • Bill MacEwen's Workspace is a great space, and he's put a ton of work into it; lots of people are excited about using the space, I'll even be renting a room on Tuesday; I applaud him and his business, I still wish we could do a non-profit version 
  • I'm kicking myself for not playing with/implementing VoIP sooner; why the heck am I bound by the shackles of the stupid phone system? Asterisk is awesome, thanks to George of Netvoice...I hope you will make my (telephony) life and that of other local Vancouver geeks better in the days to come 
  • I like to BBQ