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Registered for IIW 2006

Phil Windley asked me to register for IIW 2006, so I did. See you in San Francisco in a couple of weeks...

If you're planning on coming to IIW May 1-3, I'd really appreciate you registering as soon as possible so that we can use reasonably good numbers for planning food for breaks, etc.

But, Phil, CafePress? With a deprecated 2005 URL? Come on, everyone knows the new kid on the block is GoodStorm -- capitalism done right. Shirts start at $5.95US for a "Good" quality white shirt with no markup.

Disclaimer: we've been working with the GoodStorm guys. I've got a test store that you can order a meat t-shirt from if you like. For a mere $7US! Hopefully, a new version will be Identity 2.0 enabled.