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Mac as media center with Front Row, video iPods, and video downloads

So, I was completely wrong about Airport Express Video (but wouldn't be surprised to see it at some time in the future).

Thanks to the UK magazine Stuff, I was getting real time updates about the big Apple event today. The three announcements were:

  • new iMacs, with built in iSight and Front Row app including remote: a 10ft UI for Macs; yes, I do want to get this for my home machine
  • The video iPod: 30GB for $299, $60GB $399, comes with a video out port to connect directly to your TV; score one for my long-ago predictions
  • iTunes 6, which includes for-pay video downloads: today this is only music videos and some short Pixar ones for $1.99; I expect licensing to be a real PITA for Apple, but I also expect them to announce other licensed video content over time. Would I pay $1.99 per TV show? Well, since I don't have cable, yes I would -- that would be 2 hours per week of only the shows *I* want to watch. And this makes easy, legal

Am I going to get a video iPod? Well, I'll be consuming video on my computer at home, with its big LCD TV screen. And, as Graham said, I actually don't find mobile video on the iPod compelling. Now, if they did a deal with Sony to have it on the PSP...

But video downloads are a *big deal*. There will be lots more about this over the coming days, I'm sure.