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You know you're busy when...'re on the phone with Jonathan fitting in a conversation on the way to lunch, can't put down the phone even when you're shaking hands with Dick, and then finally you have to hang up on the aforementioned Jonathan of Firebright because you're meeting Chuq for the first time.

Or maybe I'm just a jerk with a cellphone. In any case, sorry to all involved. It was great meeting Chuq and Laurie. Roland is the center point for the International Brotherhood of Blogging Foodies, and we enjoyed lunch at the Boss, a great Hong Kong style diner in Vancouver's Chinatown.

Lots of Web 2.0 conversation, as well as foodie topics and 1 Infinite Loop. Nope, didn't find out anything, other than Chuq is crucial to success.

...and also you thought you posted this days ago.