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Flock feedback

I'm using Flock, a new Firefox-based open source browser. Why? Well, it's to be the world's first "social browser", but mainly because lots of friends work there.

And, I'm already responsible for sending one person to the mothership (note to Bart and Jeffrey: you owe me at least an iPod, especially if I hook you up with someone from the original OE One team)

Sorry if this is cryptic to some. My main point in posting (other than to publicize my request for an iPod) was to start listing some feedback to the Flockers. Roland did a good post on why Flock is important with some more meat to it.

The first item of feedback being...

  1. ...where do I post feedback/bugs? It's not listed anywhere on that I can see. And yes, pinging a URL like and/or using a tag like would work, too. Just let us know.
  2. I already have Firefox installed. Can you suck in info from there. The "Import" command doesn't list Firefox as a source.
  3. I created two groups (Vancouver, Drupal) but wasn't added as a member of those groups.
  4. How do I add tags if I don't "add & tag"?
  5. I know what my blog settings are. The Blog Manager doesn't auto-detect correctly, but I don't see options to set this up manually.

That's all for now, after my first few minutes of Flocking. Looks like interesting work so far guys -- keep up the good work.