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Vancouver Perl Mongers with Casey West, July 28th

I posted the details on an event listing at Urban Vancouver, but wanted to make notice of it here as well. Luke Closs reads my blog and emailed to invite me. I can't make it tonight, but one of the things that Casey is going to talk about is JSAN, which is a proposal to make a kind of CPAN for JavaScript.

CPAN is a central repository for a ton of Perl code (it stands for "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network"). Having the same thing for JavaScript would certainly be a very interesting concept, especially with all the AJAX frameworks that seem to be crawling out of the woodwork.

I see that there is going to be a JSAN BOF at OSCON 2005 in Portland. I'll be attending, and will be mainly posting over at Bryght's OSCON coverage.

Thanks for the heads up, Luke.