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Telus blocking access to union website

Wow. This is just unbelievable. Telus is actually blocking their union's website to all of its Internet subscribers (including DSL customers who actually use third-party companies, but still run on Telus' infrastructure). I think this is going to get them in a heap of trouble. Also covered by Boing Boing, among other places. And, as Darren says, it's probably a good idea to contact your MP about this.

Customers who use as their Internet Service Provider are unable to access this website due to censorship by TELUS. When support is called they claim not to be blocking access. Television station BCTV Global did a story on the 6:00 o'clock news on this issue. Radio station CKNW also had as story on censoring TELUS customers, after receiving calls from numerous TWU members. Both media outlets are in British Columbia. In both cases, the company admitted to censoring TWU members and their customers.TELUS customers can pass this proxy URL to TWU members they know who uses TELUS as their ISP: Voices For Change: TELUS censors customers by denying access to Voices For Change

(from Greg by email)