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iTunes 4.9 has podcasting, RSS, and a phone

What's going on? Microsoft releases an extension under a Creative Commons license, and Apple gives us a PDF download? Hmm, I'm not impressed. Why couldn't we have had a "podcast" namespace, instead of the Apple-specific "itunes"? I'd ask Apple what I asked Dean and Amar when they were on stage: where's the community process? But I guess we got the answer already -- there isn't one.

Update: Marc does good pointers to Dare and Danny...and thinks we should all support Yahoo's mediaRSS.

Below are some round up links to iTunes podcasting support.

Apple should have released this at Gnomedex. Maybe that would have just blown everyone's mind.

Update 2: I'm going to keep collecting some feedback down here.

  • Edd Dumbill: A first look at iTunes RSS extensions :"From the point of view of XML and the web, iTunes RSS extensions are somewhat disappointing. From a professional point of view, I'd say this looks rather embarrassing: Apple clearly don't have enough people who really understand XML."