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Why doesn't Apple want to do XHTML?

Hyatt is, of course, neglecting to mention that, alongside the KHTML engine Safari is based on, there is a KSVG engine. They wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to use that any more than they did to integrate KHTML. What’s more, an SVG-based interface would allow authors to create pixel-perfect interfaces in Adobe Illustrator, among other tools. How can that not be seen as an attractive feature to a Mac audience? bestkungfu weblog: On implementing SVG

There has been something of a sh*tstorm over Apple's decision to add a couple of extensions to HTML 4.01. Basically, it seems like the answer that comes back is "XHTML is hard". That doesn't seem good enough. Companies like Apple, Opera, and the Mozilla project need to tackle the hard stuff. bestkungfu's point about the KSVG engine is a good one: Apple, please implement SVG by integrating the KSVG into WebKit. Hmmm...maybe even a good fit for CoreImage?

This needs some loud shouting by anyone/everyone that cares about standards, and about moving past XHTML. Only with XHTML and XML-based technologies can we move forwards on the web. Apple may have a small window now where they can add some more tech to Tiger, the next version of OS X.