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Bell does $5 for 1000 long distance minutes

Bell Canada, in what is an obvious pre-emptive strike to deter consumers from switching to newcomers to the telephony services game, can you spell VoIP Vonage or Primus, has taken a major step to keep customers talking over their lines.

Today they announced the lowering of the price to $5 dollars for 1000 minutes a month when customers sign a two year contract, possibly taking the consumers out of the game as new services come along. Consumers also have to buy into a bundle of satellite delivery of television and high speed internet.

Andy's advice to our friends to the north...WAIT, unless you know you have no interest in what may change.

VoIP Watch: Long Distance for 5 Dollars (Canadian)

The catch is in a) bundling with ExpressVu and high-speed as well as b) a 2-year contract. This really is a move born of desperation. VoIP is still relatively unknown in Canada, but as people start talking about how they have multiple phone numbers and can call anywhere in North America for free, there will be increased interest.