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Vancouver Dinner Club Inaugural Event

Well, Mary beat me to it, but I should probably say a thing or two about last week's Vancouver Dinner Club inaugural event.

First off, it was a rather exclusive gathering. I had originally thought of the concept in conjunction with some chatting at Flickr. What with people having trouble logging into that from work and other issues, I set up a mailing list. Catherine volunteered to host the first meeting, to christen her new pots. I didn't really feel right inviting a bunch of folks that I didn't know all that well yet to somebody else's house, so… …next time.

The theme this time was Spanish. Rebecca probably had the hardest job, having to do dessert, but the fried ladyfingers filled with custard were delicious (what's the name for that?!). Catherine's paella was delicious (Mary already posted the recipe for it -- need to get that from everyone). Everyone's food was delicious.

Pictures of all the delicious food are in the gallery, and Mary took pictures too.

On or about the 24th (maybe Thursday, May 25th?) will be the next club event, and Kate and I are going to host it at our tiny apartment. This time the doors will be swung wide open, and everyone's invited (yes, that means you, Roland and George).