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Consumer VoIP Arrives in the US

  • Created: March 05, 2004
  • VoIP

When something hits retail stores is when mass market popularity explodes. Vonage is currently at around 300K subscribers, and this deal with Circuit City to carry startup packages is likely to rapidly increase that number:

Those who sign up at the electronics giant will save $100. An adapter from Circuit City costs $100, but Vonage will offer the first two months of service free — a $70 savings — and waive the $30 activation fee.

USAToday: Circuit City to offer Vonage Internet phone servic

The key factor here for consumers seems to be cost: consumer VoIP providers can offer the same services (or better ones, like multiple phone numbers in different cities) at an overall lower cost.

I still want different services: voice mail via email, a softphone, conferencing, etc.