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Kids and Social Software

Ross Mayfield talks about the "Next Next Generation" and kids publishing to the web. He points out, an Oracle-run project to provide blogging and other tools for kids and their schools.

Seb on the Corante Many2Many blog points to Foe Romeo's talk on Social Software for Kids. Foe "leads identity product development at BBCi" :

My motivation is to ensure that children continue to have the right to be present in public; to enjoy the benefits of social software and the good social capital it can generate, and to have a public voice. Digital spaces are particularly important given the social context in the UK, where a child playing freely outside is less common and teens don’t feel welcome in public space.

Download the PDF if you want to read the whole presentation.

I've got a potential project brewing that involves kids, families, health, and fitness. I continue to be interested in the potential of the "publishing web" to allow everyday people to connect, create communities, and share information.

There is such an overwhelming amount of factual information available on the Internet, but not so much on how to apply that information to everyday life. Sharing information in a more experiential- or story-based way might make it easier for people to relate and actually integrate into their lives.