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TalkBroadband - Steady state

This is likely going to be the last TalkBroadband post for a while unless other people have some questions (post them in the TalkBroadband thread or start a new thread in the Telephony forum).

I made the move over to Vancouver in an afternoon, unplugging all my computer stuff including the DVG and hooking it back up to my waiting Shaw connection at our new place. Before I left, I called tech support and opened a ticket about my alternate, Ottawa number not being provisioned yet (a week had gone by and it still wasn't working).

But, another satisfactory experience with Primus' tech support resolved everything, and I got the last word on backup call forwarding. Read on.

Once everything was up and running, I got a call in the evening from Primus. The tech identified himself as Kevin Jervis, and he explained he was testing to make sure that my alternate number was working correctly. He apologized for the inconvenience, and asked if I could hang up so he could call again.

Kevin called again about 5 minutes later, verifying that my alternate number in Ottawa was working. I kept him on the phone to again ask about backup call forwarding. So, contrary to what I had written before, here is the final scoop on backup call forwarding, according to Kevin.

My initial problems were that backup call forwarding wasn't working, and calls were going to voice mail, which I didn't have at the time. This was due, explained Kevin, to incorrect provisioning right at the beginning, and this apparently happened to quite a lot of customers.

But, while I was moving, someone called and backup call forwarding did work, and got forwarded to my cell phone. Even though I had voice mail.

So, regardless of whether or not you have voice mail, if you lose your Internet connection, power, or otherwise unplug your DVG, the central server will detect this, and backup call forwarding will kick in. At this time, there is no way to have the calls go to your voice mail instead. Kevin did say that there were a few other features coming online, so something like this might be possible in the future.

That wraps up my TalkBroadband articles, I think. I'll continue to post in the forum and pass on anything that comes my way. I'm happy with the service, the quality, the reliability, and the price. I'm looking forward to gateways to other VoIP systems, like the Vonage / FWD interconnect. And, of course, voicemail pick-up via email.