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Panther in the house

  • Created: November 09, 2003
  • Mac

Spent day doing backups. Well, a few backups to DVD and CD, then copied Applications and Users folders over to external FireWire hard drive. Unplugged drive while installing.

Formatted drive and did clean install (scary! I debated “Archive and Install”, but wanted a clean slate…).

Swaps through three discs. Takes slightly more than 30 minutes to install. De-select any languages you don’t plan on using to save space. Same goes for printer drivers.

System is zippier (of course, without any extra cruft installed yet). Font anti-aliasing seems smoother – sites now look even better in Safari. Expose is awesome – I’m using it with mouse gestures (you set corners of the screen). Can also be set to use different buttons on a multi-button mouse.

Finder is good. Mainly single window, quickly skip between shortcuts. Means I won’t add folder shortcuts to the dock.

Single word to describe everything: smoooooth