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Notify enabled plus my other site(s)

I’ve now installed a notification module for this website. While logged in, you can go to the notify section and enable it. It’s currently set to send notifications once per day if there’s new content. There’s a new “notification” tab at the upper left.

Hopefully Evan is reading this and will go install the notify.module as well. The feature I like is comments. New items are handled great by RSS, but since they don’t include comments, I always have to remember to go back and check items to see if someone posts a reply to my comments.

Now for the plus…

I have a second Drupal site. Actually, I have a bunch more. For starters, there’s RPG – role playing games, video games, etc. As if there wasn’t enough geek-technical stuff, now you can go check out geek-gaming stuff too (yes, I’m trying to separate worlds a little bit). See, Lloyd, I didn’t even post this item to the front page!

As for other Drupal sites…well, did I mention that Kate and I are getting married? Yup, we basically “decided” it was time. And yes, there is a wedding site. The date is August 1, 2004.

Once that news has sunk in, you can also go visit my Drupal CVS site. Basically I’m doing all my development there, and have test pages, and live development going on there.

And I should probably mention that I switched our work site over to Drupal as well. Commenting is turned off on most things except for some of the how-tos and the news items, so it’s much more like a static site. Except of course that we can add/edit things to our hearts content. Not quite finished yet – the design/layout needs a bit of a face lift – but I’m much happier with this one than any of the other ones (v3, if you’re keeping track).