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Wired News: 101 Uses for Apple iChat

Wired News writes about iChat uses:

Zeedar, a designer, programmer and writer from Santa Cruz, California, discovered he can use his camcorder to connect his TiVo digital video recorder to his Mac.
This is cool. I could do this as well with my Canon DV camcorder. But, as the article goes on to point out, there really aren't that many people with the setup, so it is hard to find someone to connect to. As they discuss the various registries available, I got to thinking about the social software stuff again. The registries described talk about organizing around regions or interest groups and such (and of course, video dating). Integrating this with your profile for these social software systems might provide the right level of "serendipity" or "randomness" (Don Park talked about this, discussion about it on this site) -- people could instantly connect without having to go through whatever system these groups had in place. And yes, not just iChat A/V, but also any of the many kind of IM networks. Ideally, like Jabber, there should just be one icon for all IM systems -- the group site could run a Jabber gateway to translate between the systems (thus protecting the use of their network -- you still wouldn't know how to contact the person directly unless they told you). An icon would indicate whether the person is online or not, and potentially a couple more icons to indicate audio and/or video capability.