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InfoWorld: Sun tips Apple Hat

Phil sent me this InfoWorld article:

Is Sun working on a desktop partnership with Apple? The question surfaced during the media Q&A session and Schwartz looked to his execs for backup. "We don't comment on partnerships," responded Sun CTO of Software John Fowler.

Implicitly acknowledging the demo had that certain OS X-like sheen, Schwartz went on. “I don’t think there is a Sun employee that doesn’t love Apple. We would love to partner with Apple, they are everyone’s favorite company. Stay tuned.”

Verrrrryy interesting, grasshopper.

The press conference was actually demoing “Project Mad Hatter” – a Sun bundle of Linux-based desktop apps (a little more info here and here – post in comments if you find more).

I’m still looking for a server OSS stack. Wanted: shared calendaring and contacts on an OSS server that lets people use Windows/Outlook on the client side. There are a bunch that are close, but they mainly don’t seem to scale down very well (OpenGroupware and Bynari are the leading contenders, FWIW).