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Is blogging breaking Google's usefulness?

LaughingMeme thinks so:

Yup, it is the end of Google's usefulness, us bloggers have horribly polluted the results until its nothing but a sick popularity contest, played out across the entire world, that treats the web as our plaything, at the expense of the silent majority of web searchers. You see, this post is the currently the number one result for who shot JR. All those poor Dallas fans, forced to read my weblog. Its all downhill from here.
Go read the the comments, because otherwise this next bit won't make as much sense (although, the Tim Bray Stopwords article would probably help).

So maybe Google needs to re-work stop words a litte. Like, “if there are several words, and some of them are stop words, return search results for both the individual words and the words-as-phrase”.

But is it bloggers, or the ease with which new content can be added to the Interweb? In the past, tinkering with web sitest, etc., new content would be infrequent. Now, a post per day is perhaps a low average. That’s a lot of new content!

And of course, all these nifty comment boxes, RSS feeds, and auto-trackback-thingies make sure that everything is interconnected, instantly infused with Googlejuice.