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What time is it, anyway?

It’s 8pm on Saturday night and I’ve just woken up.

Kate and I and a bunch of other people participated in the Cancer Relay for Life here in Ottawa. It was great fun.

It all started at 8pm yesterday, and went until 8am this morning. And now it’s 8pm again, after we managed to sleep all day. I had been suffering from a lack of sleep over the last little while due to some late nights working, and this was the thing that put me over the top.

Actually, during the event, I didn’t have much trouble staying awake. We had 11 people on the team (“The Flying Monkeys”), so we scheduled ourselves to run for 10 minutes every 2 hours. I think this worked really well, and other people agreed. For some teams, they would run for 30 minutes every 5 hours, which meant they would almost certainly get tired in between runs, and also tired after running for 30 minutes.

Our monkey theme was much appreciated. Kate bought a bunch of stuffed monkeys of various sizes, plus we had some masks, some hats, and lots of bananas that we gave away to everyone. Our sign was cool, with logo designed by Erick and then painted up by Troy and Tanya. I really like the way the font turned out on the sign that Troy did – I told him I thought he should make a font.

(aside: Chris Pirillo uses handwriting fonts for his page. Apparently some tricks getting it to display. I have downloaded it, because it looks neat, but it seems a bit overdone to me on his page.)

So, I will likely go and make some bacon & eggs for dinner. Kate was delighted – a reverse day!