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LinkedIn: Friendster without the gonad-centrism

Via Boing Boing – LinkedIn: Friendster without the gonad-centrism

LinkedIn is a new, SixDegrees-style app from Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of PayPal. It’s aimed at helping people get work and do deals (a kind of techie bizdev version of the gonad-centric Friendster). I’m still not 100 percent comfortable with explictly affirming (or worse, rejecting) my friendship with others, but these things are irresistable. The interesting thing for me about this is the stats on the geographic and industry dispersion of the sign-ups – Joi Ito has apparently brought in enough Japanese members to account for 12% of all the members.
I’ve invited a couple of you in. I’ll send out some more invites and try and grow this network. This more business-oriented network seems to make sense – keep tabs on your contacts, what they’re up to, and hopefully pass each other work and/or good people to get in touch with. Check out the LinkedIn website.